This is  a collection of scripts that You might find usefull.

This shows how to create a thumbnailed picture gallery pages without having to
open and resize each picture. <View / Download >

This makes a output from a pipe and puts text of Your choice inside it
Before and After Line EDitor baled.txt

We also offer free hosting of the memo game script.  There is a description here

Isn't it annoying when You load the portable mp3-player with an audiobook and it does not playback the right order ?
This script rename files and copy to a target of Your choice.
<View / Download >

If You would like to find out how to find Your compters ip-adress ( that's usefull for computer's with DHCP-clients so the IP-adress might change).
We have a free service and some scripts here < View / Download >
Convert ascii 8859-1 to unicode with this script
Download and run with perl-5
One anoying thing is to have long filenames or space, linfeed och other invisible characters in filenames.
The script take care of that and the makes subdirectories and sets unique numbers for filenames. just type shell output so You can check out if You want to use it and if You just pipe to a shell.